Georgia to Become Lovecraft Country

Cthulhu is calling… and he’s cancelling his cable. The initial episode (at least) for Lovecraft Country – HBO’s serialized adaptation of guilty white liberal Matt Ruff’s racial fantasy novel from 2016 – will be produced in Atlanta, Macon and Cedartown from late May through June. Misha Green (WGN’s Underground) is overseeing the storyline, with Jordan Peele (Get Out), J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television producing. French-born Englishman Yann Demange (’71, the upcoming White Boy Rick) has been tapped to direct this first episode, if not future ones as well. HBO has bypassed the pilot stage and ordered the show direct-to-series, so there’s a good chance that the remainder of the first season will be shot in the area. The anthological horror series will be rooted in the 1950s, where a black family endures unspeakable terrors not only of the clichéd white racist variety but supernatural/Lovecraftian spirits and monsters as well. (Ol’ H.P. was a fucked up rotten racist himself, as any Salon or Atlantic writer will readily inform you.) Stories will also zigzag back and forth across different eras, including modern times (on location at Starbucks?), presenting an alternate reality of the progress of American history. The purposely-pulpy, faux-worn front cover of Ruff’s book promises “America’s Demons Exposed!” which pretty much means “white people,” in case you were unsure of the true fiends of the tale. No cast announced as yet.