Tom Petty Dies After Cardiac Arrest

Exponentially compounding an already shitty day, Tom Petty died on Monday, October 2nd after being found unconscious and not breathing in his home the previous night, in a state of full cardiac arrest.

After EMTs were unable to get a pulse, Petty was rushed to the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital where he was put on life support. TMZ, which broke the story, later posted an update that read, “We’re told after Petty got to the hospital he had no brain activity and a decision was made to pull life support.” What followed was an afternoon and evening of confusion, as CBS then reported that Los Angeles Police Department had confirmed to them that Petty had died, which was repeated by other news outlets (this one included), before that report was dialed back, the LAPD saying that Petty was still barely alive, clinging to life. By around midnight Eastern time, however, his manager announced that he had indeed passed peacefully at around 8:40 p.m. PST.

Petty, 66, had just wrapped up a lengthy 40th anniversary tour with his band the Heartbreakers. Last year, Petty toured and released an album with a reunited lineup of his pre-Heartbreakers band Mudcrutch, which originated in Gainesville, Florida in the early ‘70s.

Tom Petty, with and without the Heartbreakers, was, of course, one of the most successful American musical artists of the past four decades, with enough classic, timeless songs to fill an entire jukebox or two. Go crank some up right now. You may cry a little, but you’ll also feel better, because you can’t help but feel better when a Petty song’s playing. Trust me.

Photo by Jim Johnson.