Atlanta Attracts Super Fly Remake

First Shaft, now Super Fly. That’s right, a modern version of the Blaxploitation classic from 1972 is in the works from Sony, and it’s currently slated to film in ghetto central, aka Atlanta, beginning January 16th. No cast announced yet, but Alex Tse (Watchmen) is writing the script. Some idiot Canadian music vid director named Director X (formerly Little X, aka Julien Christian Lutz) is in talks to helm, while Trevor Jackson’s name has been tossed around as possible for the lead role of Youngblood Priest. May we take this moment to remind everyone that Curtis Mayfield’s songs were the best thing about the original Super Fly, and sadly he’s dead, so the remake’ll probably use a load of abysmal rap crap. That’s all we know about it at this point.