Half Brothers

There’s half a great comedy to Half Brothers – which remains a bizarre idea for a wide release amidst the Covid Cinema era. An international twist can’t disguise the tired plot of mismatched relations sent on a scavenger hunt by a dying dad. Luis Gerado Méndez stars as sullen Mexican aviation executive Renato, who’s hated America ever since he was abandoned by his father who crossed the border. Then he’s stuck running around the country with his irresponsible new sibling Asher (played by Connor Del Rio). Sadly, the script stumbles over attempts at serious drama as the brothers piece together their father’s sad story. It’s established early on that Renato’s father became a successful businessman in America. Viewers will think that there isn’t any believable scenario where the wayward dad wouldn’t be able to get back with his family back home. They will be correct. Renato’s encounters with oblivious Americans still have some great moments. It’s not even offensive that creepy Asher is the closest thing to a decent native that Renato meets in his travels. The movie almost benefits from both of the leads (and their seemingly sociopathic father) being really unlikable – and the costumer deserves an Oscar for perfectly nailing Asher’s wacky trustafarian uniform.