Get Out!

Get Out! October 21 – October 27

Wayback Machine time. It’s 1977 and kids are forming punk bands. In Ireland, the Troubles rage on and four guys form a band, naming themselves after a Vibrators song: Stiff Little Fingers. They sing about what’s going on around them and write great songs in the process, songs Paul Hewson and Dave Evans dream they’d written, like “Suspect Device” and “Alternative Ulster.” By 1982 they are done. Meanwhile, in San Francisco in 1977 the natives are treated to a female-fronted punk band who call themselves The Avengers. They release a 45, open for the final Sex Pistols show at Winterland, and record a song called “Second to None” with Steve Jones producing. Jones’ band The Professionals later rework this song as “1-2-3.” By the time it hits #43 on the UK charts in 1980, Avengers have been done for a year. Welcome to 2019 and Stiff Little Fingers (with original members Jake and Ali) and The Avengers (still with Penelope) are touring together, hitting Masquerade’s Heaven concert hall on Saturday, Oct. 26 – the third time in Atlanta for SLF and the first time through for Avengers (pictured). Legendary bands playing legendary songs. Enough said.

Get Out! October 14 – October 20

Marking 40 years of uninterrupted activity, it could be claimed that Dutch psych-rock experimentalists The Legendary Pink Dots are, in fact, legendary at this point. Their discography is massive and their material is varied enough to comprise a dozen separate bands. Who knows what they’ll put on the setlist for their show in the Masquerade’s Purgatory room on Wednesday, Oct. 16, but rest assured it will be unlike anything else you’ll experience this week, or this year for that matter.