Get Out!

Get Out! November 18 – November 24

Vancouver psych-rock spellbinders Black Mountain bring their entrancing sounds back to Atlanta this Sunday, Nov. 24, after far too long an absence, playing Terminal West. Their latest album is called Destroyer, which is also the name of the band they shared their very first release with, a split single back in 2004. Cool, huh? It’d be even cooler if we could tell you how awesome the new album is, but we haven’t heard it ‘cuz nobody sends us anything good anymore.

Get Out! November 11 – November 17

Peter Hook interrupts this bass solo to remind each and every one of ya’s that he’s coming back to the Variety Playhouse with his steady-rollin’ band The Light on Tuesday, Nov. 12, where they’ll be performing New Order’s Technique and Republic albums in their entirety! Nah, not really our favorite New Order records, either, but hey, they’ll be opening with a set of Joy Division songs, and that ain’t too shabby! Will he be rockin’ the cargo shorts again? Will the power go out again? You’ll never know unless you go…