Get Out!

Get Out! August 1 – August 31

Bridging country music and R&B, Durham’s Rissi Palmer brings her Southern Soul to Georgia for an outdoor concert at the Pavilion at Serenbe Inn on Saturday, August 15th. Serenbe’s that “wellness community connected to nature,” south of Atlanta in Chattahoochee Hills, if you were unaware. There will be limited, safely distanced seating, in case somebody farts.

Get Out! July 1 – July 31

Restaurants, bars and music venues can open in Georgia, albeit with ridiculous restrictions, and sadly most are choosing to remain closed up for the time being. Of those that are open, they tend to be mostly outside the perimeter, featuring a lot of cover bands and/or oldies acts. So put on your headband and go see Loverboy at Southern Ground Amphitheater on July 24. That’s about the best there is this month…