Get Out!

Get Out! February 18 – February 24

Put on your most rockin’ denim and leather, ’cause Saxon’s comin’ to town! That’s right, motherfuckers – Saxon! One of the key bands in the late ’70s/early ’80s New Wave of Heavy Metal is still out there kicking ass, with original vocalist Biff Byford and guitarist Paul Quinn, along with drummer Nigel Glockler who joined in ’81. Bassist Nibbs Carter came aboard in ’88, and guitarist Doug Scarratt has been with them over 20 years. They’ve never slowed down, never broken up and have 22 studio albums to their credit! So get your ass down to Center Stage Theater on Thursday, Feb. 21!

Get Out! February 11 – February 17

Leading his father’s onetime band Egypt 80, Seun Kuti’s performances are about as close as you’re going to get to the authentic Fela-style Afro-beat experience – and that includes Seun’s equally talented older brother Femi’s work. This band – about 3/4 of whom played with Fela – is amazing, inspiring bodies to move and fists to rise. They’re at Masquerade’s Heaven space in Underground Atlanta on Saturday, Feb. 16.