Karen is the New White in the World of Coke

“Karens” come in all colors and affiliations, but in the race-obsessed mind of Atlanta filmmaker Coke Daniels, the pejorative term only applies to white suburban racist Republican women, a stereotype that exists predominantly in the rotting imaginations of the American Left. I mean, I see loads of Karens on the Nextdoor page in my liberal intown neighborhood where every fucking house except mine still has Warnock and Ossoff signs littering the front yards, and you oughta see ’em howling whenever they spot someone not wearing a mask OMG!!!! how dare they??? don’t they know there’s a PANDEMIC??? Here’s a description of the maskless perp, outrage outrage outrage!!! Writer/director Daniels’ new “social commentary” movie Karen, which started filming in Atlanta this week, stars Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black, pictured) as an entitled whitey bent on tattling on and banishing her black neighbors, who (of course) wholeheartedly support Black Lives Matter, which wholeheartedly supports racial division, unrest, Marxism and destruction in the streets. You know, they’re the “good guys.” Gregory Alan Williams (The Righteous Gemstones), Cory Hardrick (Crackle’s The Oath), Jasmine Burke (Saints & Sinners) and Veronika Bozeman (Empire) also star.