Rap Sequel Super Turnt Turns Up in the ATL

Unbeknownst to anyone, the 2018 independent Atlanta-filmed hip-hop drama Turnt was such a massive success that there gon’ be a sequel ­– a super-sequel, as a matter of fact. Director/producer/writer/actor Mann Robinson is returning to film Super Turnt in the ATL Oct. 10 through Oct. 22. Jamal Woolard (All Eyez on Me, pictured), Torrei Hart and Khalidah Medlock will be back in their roles from the first film, alongside rapper Scarface, Melanie Halfkenny (Queen & Slim) E. Roger Mitchell (The Oval) and others. No info yet on the plot, but if we were to offer a guess we’d speculate that it involves a rapper on the rise navigating the merciless music industry while violence and turmoil continue to dog him from the mean streets he’s struggling to overcome.