Reba McEntire ABC Pilot to Film in Georgia

Marc Cherry, creator of ABC’s Desperate Housewives and Lifetime’s Atlanta-filmed Devious Maids, is behind a new, as-yet-untitled pilot for ABC that will film in Madison and Oxford, Georgia from mid-March through the end of the month. Reba McEntire stars as the sheriff of a small town full of quirky characters in Kentucky where an arrogant young Middle Eastern FBI agent (Saamer Usmani) is sent by the feds to help solve a terrible crime and shove his superior Islamic brilliance in the faces of all the backasswards local Trump-supporting rednecks. W. Earl Brown (Deadwood), Emily Rose (Haven), Jack Coleman (Heroes), Amanda Detmer (Final Destination, Necessary Roughness), Will Buie Jr. (Daytime Divas), Natalie Hall (Star-Crossed), Ryan McPartlin (Devious Maids), Ben Esler and Saidah Ekulona also star in the Southern fantasy yarn, to be directed by perennial pilot helmer Michael Offer.

Reba McEntire photo by Jeremy Cowart.