Slappy Plots Revenge in Goosebumps Sequel

A sequel to the Atlanta-filmed, family horror comedy from 2015, Goosebumps: Slappy’s Revenge is crewing up to film in Atlanta in the next few months. For those unaware, Slappy is an evil ventriloquist dummy that was voiced by Jack Black (who also starred as author R.L. Stine) in the first flick. It’s unclear at this point whether Black will be returning, either as Stine and/or the voice of Slappy. Apparently Ari Sandel (The DUFF, also shot in Atlanta) has been tapped to direct. The sequel had originally been announced as being titled Goosebumps: Horrorland, with the original’s Rob Letterman returning to direct, but somehow those plans got all fucked up or something.