Twisted Affair Dolly & Otto Now Filming

The feature film Dolly & Otto, also sometimes referred to as Man in the Attic, is shooting in Atlanta now through September 8th. It’s based on the strange-but-true story of early 1900s American housewife Walburga “Dolly” Oesterreich – unhappily married to wealthy textile manufacturer Fred Oesterreich – who carried on a ten-year affair with a younger man named Otto Sanuber whom she arranged to secretly live in her and Fred’s attic, unbeknownst to Fred; the ongoing deception eventually led to the shooting death of Mr. Oesterreich during a scuffle, which Dolly and Otto also successfully covered up for a number of years. Haven’t gotten word on who’s directing but from what we can gather Molly Burnett (Days of Our Lives, pictured) and Kevin Fonteyne (Sun Records) are starring.