Atlas Shrugged Part II

Shunning fixed and stable concepts, the abdication of philosophy from present-day decisions has left its indelible mark on our popular catchphrases as much as drinking from a poisoned watering hole: “You think too much!” “Who am I to judge?” “We have to pass the Bill so that you can find out what’s in it!” In… Continue reading Atlas Shrugged Part II

The Assasination of Richard Nixon

The Assassination of Richard Nixon [R]: Living under a magical spell that falsely assures them that their wayis the righteous way whether they win elections with a small percentageof the vote, or lose elections with a sizeable percentage, Democratscontinue to oppose freedom while claiming to be courageously patriotic.That’s why on Inauguration Day their protests appeared… Continue reading The Assasination of Richard Nixon

Hail, Caesar

“Movies had been considered as entertainment, with controversial subjects avoided because it cut the entertainment potential. The first real victory of communist influence on Hollywood was the discarding of this practice once the reds won acceptance of the idea that movies should carry a social message.” – Excerpt from page 204 of Thirty Years of… Continue reading Hail, Caesar


Director Stephen Hopkins has made Nightmare On Elm Street movies as well as directed episodes of Shameless, 24 and Tales From the Crypt, so he’s able to center his film around the individual without ignoring the political time unfolding. In 1933, during the Depression and segregation, Jesse Owens enters Ohio State where he meets athletic coach… Continue reading Race