I get uneasy whenever there are too many animals loose in a film; always afraid they’ll be used for easy sympathetic plot points! But director Shana Feste takes better care of the strays than some of the people. Abandoned by a freewheelin’ dad, Laura Jaconi (Vera Farmiga) has filled her life up by rescuing cats and dogs to avoid her overbearing, selfish ex Leonard (Bobby Cannavale) and an outcast rebellious son, Henry (Lewis MacDougall), who gets expelled for drawing nude caricatures of his teachers. When she’s coerced into driving her elderly, diaper wearing dad (Christopher Plummer) to Los Angeles to move in with her sister JoJo, she’s unprepared for the pot-stops at old friends Christopher Lloyd and Peter Fonda’s houses to unload bales of smuggled weed from the car trunk. Yeah, its Cisco Pike and The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues with a family touch about someone whose life has been lived without borders.