Captain America: Civil War

For all intents and purposes this movie is the sequel to both Age of Ultron and The Winter Soldier as much as it’s a setup for the two-part Infinity War to come! Determining them to be a hazardous danger and loose cannons, resulting in the creation of Ultron, massive collateral damage and in violation of numerous sovereign boundaries, General Ross (William Hurt) demands The Avengers be placed under the jurisdiction of a United Nations treaty surrendering their autonomy and independence. Industrialist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as the semi-retired Iron Man willingly complies but when a bombing that kills T’Chakla of the African kingdom of Wakanda is blamed on Captain America’s former sidekick, Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier), Cap refuses to sign on. Seething at the core is a warning from Peggy Carter (ABC’s Agent Carter) to be firm in what you believe, as Cap goes outlaw, choosing to assist The Winter Soldier who he believes has been framed. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues, it become one continuous movie (the way the “continued next month” comic series unfurled), building on various Marvel themes that course throughout its continuity: ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. connects Hydra (Red Skull’s old organization) to the MCU, with The Kree (from Guardians) on the horizon. Spider-Man is introduced into Marvel Studios movies, as is Black Panther (a former Fantastic Four cohort)! And in the current political climate that pits friend against friend, Civil War finds The Vision clearly stating for Cap to surrender for “the common good,” while Tony warns that Cap’s shield is federal property! And this entire idea that “comic book superheroes” be supervised by a third party or face termination reeks of the imposed Comics Code Authority which censored the direction of comics for over 50 years! It’s also rather odd that in both Batman v Superman and Civil War, the role of parents, specifically mothers, determines relationships between friends. The victimized Zemo (a World War II Captain America bad guy) fills in for Simon Williams aka Wonder Man, who developed a similar idea to hold The Avengers accountable in The New Avengers Annual #1. And Paul Rudd, as Ant-Man, has all the best one-liners!