Chef Flynn

Bored with his filmmaker mom’s cooking and frightened that the food he got in restaurants was either overcooked or undercooked, teenager Flynn McGarry turns his bedroom into a prep kitchen. When most classmates were skateboarding or playing video games, Flynn planned and prepared complex, elaborate meals served to his parents and chosen friends who encouraged the culinary prodigy to move beyond his home dinner club. Watching food shows, he learned of a book signing by NY chefs and got invited to visit them in their kitchen. His energy and excitement led to an article in The New Yorker and at 13 he became somewhat of a rebel in the food industry, which he saw as mired in tradition of mostly men who yelled at one another and refused to take chances. With international media fame looming, director Cameron Yates follows the McGarry family on their journey with son Flynn as he remains focused on opening his own restaurant while coping with a backlash of attention and resentment on the internet.