Considering the prospects of most TV show transitions to the big screen (Mod Squad, S.W.A.T., The A-Team, I Spy) I wasn’t expecting all that much, but I realized Power Rangers probably wouldn’t feature any nudity or crack-smokers, so CHiPs won. This reuniting of two mismatched motorcycle cops in the California Highway Patrol – Jon Baker (played by director Dax Shepard, stepping into Larry Wilcox’s TV role), and Frank Poncherello (Michael Pena in a reasonable turn in the Eric Estrada role) – as some raunchy modern-day high-speed comedy was inevitable but unnecessary. Baker, a former motocross rider on hard times with a titanium arm and a philandering wife (played by Shepard’s real life spouse, Kristen Bell), and the transplanted Miami FBI agent Ponch, working undercover through LA Internal Affairs to root out crooked cops, are the best thing going because they are so likable while discussing such pertinent issues as jacking off, face plants in the pubic mound, yoga pants, porn texting and the confirmation that ass-munching is a prerequisite for dating in today’s social climate! Yeah, sounds a lot like the ‘70s TV show I remember! Vincent D’Onofrio is the seasoned tough guy, Adam Brady is Pena’s partner who keeps getting shot. About the only unanswered question I had was: did Jane Kaczmarek use a body double or not?