Ryan Reynolds briefly plays Bill Pope, a CIA operative who has stashed a big ol’ bag of money and the hacker who is set to deliver intel about a cyber wormhole to a Spanish anarchist, giving him access to the entire US missile arsenal!! Ho-hum, just another day in a film that should’ve been titled Snake Plissken: Domesticated Nanny! Killed before his mission is completed, Pope’s memories are implanted in a ruthless, unpredictable killer named Jericho Stewart who immediately goes for the money instead of completing the mission. Kevin Costner plays Jericho as though he’s in a school play of Flowers For Algernon featuring Heatwave from Legends of Tomorrow, all mumbly ‘n’ menacing, that is, until Pope’s family welcome him into their daily routine. Car chases, face-bashing and bar stool beatings provide the “action” in a movie that has everyone from Gary Oldman to Tommy Lee Jones running hither and yon, all discombobulated. It ends all nicey-nice with a setup for a sequel. Drats!