Death Wish

If “justice delayed is justice denied,” then when trauma surgeon Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis)’s wife is killed and his daughter lies comatose after an home invasion, the massive wall of unsolved cases offers him no redress except to pick up a gun dropped at a crime scene and go after those who destroyed his family. In the Old West, the sheriff was elected to carry the gun and confront lawbreakers so that everyone didn’t have to do so, but when sheriffs (i.e. the police) don’t do their job, as we are constantly reminded by the news media nowadays, it’s not like as suggested in High Noon where society rolls over and lets the bad guys have run of the streets. Taking place in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago (where gun violence rose 48% after it was deemed a gun-free zone!), this ballsy movie from director Eli Roth (Hostel, Green Inferno) makes its point clear: the cops can ONLY intercede AFTER a crime has been committed, meaning you or your loved ones are shot or killed! Based on the Charles Bronson movie, when the system fails and the courts are backlogged, Kersey exercises his constitutional rights and legitimately buys guns including an “assault” weapon for home protection. Maybe it’s time to consider getting rid of the NEA and not the NRA!