John Wick: Chapter 2

Second verse, same as the first, as far as the rapid fire redundancy featuring a ballet of bullets from the pulverizingly polite Keanu Reeves is concerned. Things pick up right about where they left off. Since his dog was killed and his vintage car was swiped, the retired, lethal hitman Wick has to settle that score before returning to his home and finding an old friend – Santino, the Italian mobster – made Wick’s exit into retirement possible thanks to a “marker” for future services. Wick reneges on Santino’s request to take out his sister, whose seat on the High Table of assassins is desired. So the mobster burns Wick’s home to the ground! Encouraged to honor the debt, before Wick can carry out the hit Santino issues a $7 million bounty for him which results in an excessively high body count during the choreographed combat that follows. You get to see a continuation of this action franchise and all I got for my troubles was a lousy stomachache!