Light From Light – Still 1

Light From Light

Working at the airport car rental, Sheila Garvin (Marin Ireland) is in-between paranormal research groups when a local priest (David Cale) hears her being interviewed on the radio and approaches her thinking her “gifts” can help Richard, a troubled widower (comedic actor Jim Gaffigan) who is convinced his deceased wife has returned causing objects to move and lights to flash on and off. As a child, Sheila had dreams that were deemed “prophetic,” able to communicate events from beyond. Armed with infrared camera and thermal heat detectors, she brings along her son Owen (Josh Wiggins) and his girlfriend Lucy (Atheena Frizzell) to investigate an old farm in the Tennessee mountains where the constant haze reflects more than weather conditions, giving rise to skeletons in all their closets. Sheila’s abusive ex got her interested in the paranormal, Richard’s wife was killed in a plane wreck with her lover and Owen is hesitant in committing to a longterm relationship because Lucy is leaving for college in the Fall. And like most paranormal encounters, everything is a bit vague and haunts them during the daylight. This is neither a ghost story nor a horror picture but in the vein of Personal Shopper – something inferred and subtle, centered on trust issues and the loss of self-worth.