Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

Director Werner Herzog explores the impact of the new frontier of the Internet on human life starting with the very first message sent in October of 1969 between two self-standing, military-strength floor model computers connected by phone lines, where the ‘G’ in the word “log” crashed the system, meaning the first word sent was “lo,” thus the title, Lo And Behold! As with the director’s other documentaries, heavy narration of virtual history is at its best when focusing on the “digital dark age,” as this revolutionary technology advances financial markets and medical breakthroughs while also becoming a manifestation of the Antichrist, turning family despair into entertainment, resulting in physical illness in some incidents due to addiction and wireless radiation poisoning. Roboticists, astronomers, mechanics and immunologists take turns evaluating where things stand and what comes next in this bizarre look at what should’ve been an invisible tool.