The Man Who Invented Christmas

Back when I was releasing records, a band would announce, in late October, that they hoped to release a Christmas single, and I would have to walk them through a creative process including how studio time would need to be booked, then the recording must be mastered before being pressed while the sleeve art would need to be submitted prior to soliciting distributors with a finished record to be listed in the catalog for retail orders to be placed. The entire process would take a minimum of four months! In 1843, Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey) undertook the impossible! With three consecutive flops under his belt and skeptical publishers shunning his proposals, Dickens hits on self-releasing a new book in time for the holidays. This historical drama journeys through his inspirations that led to A Christmas Carol, a book that would change the way we celebrate the holiday! Between conflicts with the book’s illustrator and advice from his waifish governess, a chance encounter with a miserly curmudgeon burying his business partner directly impacts his redemptive ghost story as the basis for Ebenezer Scrooge! It’s of interest to note that since Christopher Plummer was cast to reshoot Kevin Spacey’s scenes in All the Money In the World, he will become the first actor to appear on screen as both Scrooge and J. Paul Getty in the space of one month!