Night School

I figured Kevin Hart ran his one-trick-pony style of entertainment/comedy dry maybe two years ago, but somehow, like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps “going, and going, and going…” Well, that might be because the low-information moviegoers out there (well, what’s left of them), they buy up whatever recycled, contrived drivel that’s thrown out. Hart’s latest vehicle is just that – there’s absolutely nothing new/original to see here. Haven’t we seen Adam Sandler/Jack Black/Will Ferrell do this exact same movie before, maybe even more than once? Or maybe that was Rob Schneider? I know Rodney Dangerfield tackled this subject successfully in the 1980s, but of course that was during the day, and in college. Hollywood’s big idea: let’s take a generic movie storyline that’s been done several times, straight out of the “Adam Sandler Movie Generator” playbook (a loud, aggressive male loser goes through some ridiculous life trials, screws around a bunch, overcomes, learns a life lesson, and gets the hot chick in the end), BUT, get this, in Night School, we use the same formula, but we put an African-American in the lead role instead. See, it’s SO different!