The Dark Tower

Based on a series of short stories Stephen King wrote between 1978 and 1981, collected and subsequently expanded as his magnum opus, the eight-book Dark Tower series. Has the man ever had an original idea in his life? Well, not here, since Zebediah Killgrave was introduced in Marvel’s Daredevil #4 (dated October 1964) as The Purple Man who could verbally control the action of others. Then, in March 1976, Bullseye premiered in Daredevil #131 as the sniper who never missed. King borrows both concepts for his characters Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) as the Last Gunslinger who chases (through dimensions) his nemesis The Man In Black (not purple) played by Matthew McConaughey who wants to unleash darkness for no apparent reason whatsoever in this poorly constructed mash-up of his first two stories. Accompanied by the seer Jake from our world, the Gunslinger has his final showdown to prevent the destruction of the Tower that holds things together. Ho-hum!