Those Darlins’ Jessi Zazu Battling Cancer

As the annus horribilius that is 2016 sinks into the turgid bowels of time immemorial, we at S&S are most disheartened to report that Jessi “Zazu” Wariner, cofounder of and guitarist for Those Darlins, has been diagnosed with Stage II cervical cancer. Wariner received the devastating diagnosis shortly after the group concluded its farewell tour in January,  and in November, she discovered that the cancer had metastasized and spread to her lymphatic system.

“This is typically what they would call a ‘no cure scenario,’ but I refuse to believe that to be the case,” Wariner said in a statement. “I feel healthy, happy, hopeful, determined, positive, and full of sparks and nails. In a sense: there’s a tumor growing on my body, I don’t know what lays in store, but I ain’t afraid anymore.” A YouCaring account is accepting donations for the purpose of assisting her with medical expenses, and the link can be found on Those Darlins’ official Facebook page.  We admire Wariner’s bravery and her fighting spirit, and wish her every peace and comfort now and always.

Photo by John Boydston.