Hardly Art Celebrates Ten Years

One of the more reliable indie labels out there, Hardly Art Records will mark its 10th anniversary with a 17-song cassette (grrrr…) and digital (double grrrr…) compilation chock fulla oddball curiosities from their bountiful roster. Jacuzzi Boys, Hunx and His Punx, Colleen Green, La Luz, Grave Babies and many others contribute cuts to the Sub Pop subsidiary’s Hardly Released: Bedroom Recordings, Demos, Rarities, Unreleased and Widely Ignored Material, due out on June 2nd.

Speaking of Jacuzzi Boys, our favorite Miami miscreants have started a new flexi-disc series via their Mag Mag label. The first release is a new track, “Asshole Blues,” from fellow Miamian Iggy Pop, on translucent blue vinyl. Now there’s an archaic trend revival we can get behind! Next thing you know, they’ll be puttin’ singles on the back of cereal boxes again! Anyway, you can order the Iggy flexi over at hellomerch.com/collections/jacuzzi-boys.