Quintron Pens Book; Miss Pussycat Illustrates

New Orleans-based musician/inventor Quintron has written his first book, a travelogue-type tale – or assortment of tales, more specifically – set during a European tour undertaken with perpetual partner, the puppeteer and maraca master Miss Pussycat, aka Panacea Theriac, who also drew the book’s illustrations.

Goner Records is entering the publishing world with Europa My Mirror, and is now taking pre-orders, with hopes to ship by Christmas. We assume they’ll also show up in discerning independent book and record stores around the same time. It’s already gotten gold stars from the likes of Ian Svenonius (“…it’s a gas!”) and the late Fred Cole (“Way cool.”), and the sleeve promises tales that are “funny and thrilling – and mostly true. Someone almost dies on every page!” How can you pass this up?