Swamp Dogg Embraces Digital Weirdness

Our ol’ buddy Swamp Dogg will be the proud papa of a brand new album on Sept. 7, when Joyful Noise Recordings releases Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune.

With production by Ryan-Olson (Poliça, Gayngs) and Swamp’s longtime bandmate MoogStar, it’s a weird ‘n’ wacky plunge into the digital dumps, wherein Swamp Dogg fully embraces the titular voice manipulation technology, along with drum machines and synths, steering his soul/funk mojo into even more unpredictable, off-the-wall territory than ever. But as bizarre as it gets, the album oozes humor and heart throughout.

“The songs are about being lonely,” the 75-year-old eccentric shares, before adding that “it’s some of the greatest and outrageous music I’ve ever heard come out of the Swamp Dogg.” He’s not exaggerating.