Thirsty for Moore? Thurston Has More

When a band splits it can mean bad things. Given the interplay within Sonic Youth, one would think the solo material released by the individuals would suffer outside of the group dynamic. Instead, much of the material has been of higher quality than the later group efforts. The next album to add to this looks to be Rock N Roll Consciousness from Thurston Moore, scheduled for release on April 28th. Produced by Paul Epworth (who has worked with both the Pop Group and Adele!), the album features Moore’s band of the last three years: Deb Goodge (My Bloody Valentine), James Sedwards (Naught) and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth).

Despite having a title akin to a Santana album, the album delves into mysticism and poetry as the five songs time out at almost 42 minutes… let me re-check and make sure this isn’t a Santana album. Nope, the pre-release video calms fears and says this record should be what you expect: a little bit each of the sum of its parts. Kind of like how another band he used to be in did it.