Valerie June Ponders The Order of Time

After causing a commotion with her breakout 2013 album Pushin’ Against a Stone, Valerie June’s highly anticipated follow-up album The Order of Time is set for release on January 27th.

Produced by Matt Marinelli, who’s worked with Beck and the Bad Brains, the album includes twelve original songs written by June. Norah Jones (with whom June is currently on tour) contributes piano accompaniment and background vocals to several tracks, while Jones’ father and brothers sing on another. June recently told NPR that “many of the songs on this new record are…songs that I had written at least 10 years prior to Pushin’ Against a Stone. Sometimes it takes songs awhile to find their family/kindred recording connection.” The stirring advance track “Astral Plane,” however, was written by June just a year ago for Massive Attack to record, but they declined. Their loss.