Wilco Polish Their Pearly Whites

Summerteeth, arguably Wilco’s finest work, is getting the deluxe treatment on Nov. 6 with a four-CD edition consisting of a remastered version of the original 1999 album; a disc of unreleased studio outtakes, alternate versions and demos; and two discs of a live show recorded in Colorado in November of that year.

Collectors and super-fans being the primary force driving the reissue market, there’ll also be a limited-edition 5-LP vinyl edition that will include the remastered album and rarities, but instead of the Colorado concert it’ll have a 10-song set of a March 1999 Tower Records in-store performance which was broadcast live on Chicago’s WXRT-FM radio station.

Meanwhile, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy had his second book, How to Write One Song, offering his thoughts on the songwriting process, published on Oct. 13.

Photo by Marina Chavez.