Wire Get the Silver/Lead Out

Has there ever been a more active period for Wire than the last ten years? Truthfully, they’ve always been a band that leaves followers dizzy in their forward motion, but damn… they’ve just announced their 15th studio album, sixth in the past decade alone. And we could not be more ecstatic, because this is one of those few bands that have rarely let us down. We’ve heard the upcoming Silver/Lead, and without giving too much away (except that there are lotsa Graham songs!), we are pleased to report that their gold streak continues.

Now in their 40th year as a group (albeit with occasional sabbaticals), Wire remain as interesting and intriguing as ever. Entering the fold with much skepticism from longtime fans, guitarist Matt Simms has proven himself ably, gelling seamlessly with vocalist/guitarist Colin Newman, bassist extraordinaire Graham Lewis and pocket-tight drummer Robert Grey. With live dates yet to be announced (pray for ATL, as the sign says), Silver/Lead hits retailers on March 31st.

Photo by Matias Coral.