Belle and Sebastian – How to Solve Our Human Problems, Part 3

Part 3 is probably the most polished of B&S’s How To Solve Our Human Problems EP trilogy, but it’s the worst of them all, because it’s so hodgepodge and all over the place. It jumps around way too much, lurching from this annoying old-white-people dance music to what sounds like regular Belle and Sebastian, back to annoying old-white-people dance music, back to what sounds like Belle and Sebastian to what sounds like contemporary Christian rock on the last track. It’s so bad. The last track I would call a late term auditory abortion.

Stuart Murdoch just needs to stick to his wheelhouse. Why is it when bands/artists say they’re going to change things up a bit, experiment, or go in a different direction, that always means these two things: they’re either gonna have electronic beats/drums, and/or more unnecessary shit, like a choir? PUKE. Why not just write good songs? Then add/have that crap if it makes sense. Good songs are good songs no matter what. When you put all this dung on top of bad songs it doesn’t cover your hack job up, it’s just more needless filler on top of a bad song. It’s wasteful. It’s like decorating a toilet. No one does that. Well, I’m sure someone does. I’m sure Jimmy Buffet has decorated a few toilets in his lifetime. Defamation lawsuit forthcoming.

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems, Part 3