Lightning Orchestra – Source and Deliver

Gunshot! Gunshot! Nanoo, Nanoo. What it is? Hip and Heavy, the number one contender for Best Boogie 2020:

Jump back and dig this scene man. This here’s the skinny, the lowdown. I was beatin’ the drag down Cheshire Bridge, you know, the row with all the honeys on it? WHORES man, Ho Stroll ‘76. Now don’t front on ME man, I ain’t no lude. I can do algebra in my head and it’s kept my mind from spoiling so far. So far, whenever some skiff offers me a bummer cigarette or the Man offers me some Uncle Sam I just carry the one. ‘Cept when I’m on this one drag man. But like I said man, I’m no lude, I’m no john. It’s on the way to my gig, plus there’s a spot on the corner with the best chicken livers in town. Now I ain’t no Stella man, but every time I’m beating down that drag I get this groove on. I try to shake it man, try to carry that one, but I just can’t shake it man, and before I knows it, I’m strutting like some fly guy, some blazin’ booyah backatcha, real keen. I ain’t got the threads nor the bread to prove nothing, just a tee with a motorcycle I don’t ride on it, but you wouldn’t know the difference man, and man, I can’t describe it man, it’s just that groove thing, only comes on when I’m beatin’ down Cheshire Bridge. The groove got real soul city to it too. Now I ain’t never heard it anywhere but my mind before, but it musta been on every man’s mind man, cus I heard it this morning on the hi-fi, on the short wave. I couldn’t believe my ears man, so I turned it up. Now I ain’t no Casanova and I ain’t out to lunch, but wouldn’t you know it man, all the honeys stopped what they was doing and came right up to my ride, axing for a trick on the house.

Though personal faith may have had a momentary bout of abstention, Lightning Orchestra’s Source and Deliver reinforces the belief that Atlanta truly is where the players play.

Damn it Jim! These cats are cooler than a deuce, and I’ve failed algebra ever since.

Carry the what now?

That’s the joint.

Lightning Orchestra
Source and Deliver
[Acid Jazz]