Ben Trickey Sets Horizon Ablaze

Ben Trickey has made a habit of interpreting folk and rock’s roots more as an allegory-filled poem than a matter-of-fact short story. His X number of chords and the truth often considers the darker side of a creative type’s mind. Still, Trickey’s even darker direction on forthcoming album Horizon Line Fires might raise a few eyebrows when it arrives on Nov. 17.

Trickey drifts into atmospheric, gothy territory on his latest set of songs. Backing band Burnt Sky bring this new wrinkle to life. The group pairs Queens via Atlanta guitarist Sean Greathead (Wheeljack, Mascara Aesthetic) with longtime Trickey backers in violinist Jonathan Griffin, vocalist Tiffany Leigh Blalock and drummer Kelsey Wilson.

This slow-trudging, terrifying new sound brings an added sense of doom and gloom to Trickey’s typically atypical songwriting. “Burn in Hell,” a gorgeously composed song and the source of the album title, would’ve given us all the willies if recorded in just about any musical style. As it’s presented here, fans of Trickey’s songwriting will be floored. “Singing Stars” also stands out from the pack, as it’s a harrowing take on slowed down, atmospheric Western movie soundtracks.

Trickey’s harmonies with Blalock stand out as much as the lyrics themselves in his new musical direction. The two singers’ interactions tie together the whole presentation on such tracks as “Soldier.”

In all, Trickey tries something different, but that’s perfectly fine because different suits both him and, more than likely, his listeners. Trickey’s next Atlanta show is Friday, Dec. 15th at Smith’s Olde Bar, with his full band.