Blood on the Harp, Spirits on the Brain

Though they may not have much in common musically, groups like Blood on the Harp are as conceptual, thematic and ultimately limited as any grindcore metal band, trap rapper or swing revival group. That is to say, they write to fit the presentation. In this Atlanta-based sextet’s case, the act is a Southern Gothic, country-folk string band, with songs full of desperation, death, dust, despair and drinking. Lots of drinking.

Now, most of the time acts like this leave me cold, but fortunately there’s more to Blood on the Harp than beards, banjos and tattoos. There’s a wealth of musical talent in this group, their harmonies and overall vocal interactions are pleasing, and most of their songs don’t sound too displaced from the modern world. Their new album, Ghost(s) Vol. 2, should be out late February or early March. Either way, they’re playing The EARL Feb. 2nd with Little Country Giants and Casey Hood & Jared Pepper (ex-Lily and the Tigers), and Eddie’s Attic on April 1st.