John Brand (Belloluna, Daemon Records) Has Died

John Brand, a familiar and ever-friendly face in the Atlanta music scene of the 1990s, passed away last week, suffering a sudden heart attack.

Brand, a Tucker resident, managed the powerful if volatile Atlanta band The Ellen James Society, who were the first act signed to Amy Ray’s Daemon Records, releasing two albums on the indie label. Brand soon segued into a role as Daemon’s publicist, promoting all of the label’s acts and releases.

He was also the singer, pianist and captain of the band Belloluna (pictured, Brand in center), who formed in 1993, signed to Daemon two years later and released a pair of albums for the label: Pleasant Music for Nice People in 1996 and Livid and Loving It in early 1999. The group – whose live lineup would sometimes expand to as many as six players – had an eclectic, flamboyant, tongue-in-cheek approach employing elements of pop, art-rock and “cocktail lounge” jazz.

I’ll always remember John as jovial, funny, uniquely talented and – from a press standpoint – efficient and easy to work with. We offer our deepest condolences to Mr. Brand’s family and friends.

Photo by Ruth Leitman.