The Patient Split a Single with Breathers

The Patient Breathers would be a good band name. Even better would be Impatient Breathers. Can’t anyone come up with a good band name anymore? When Athens’ Will Cullen Hart (The Olivia Tremor Control) and his Elephant 6 bro/current Decatur dad Robert Schneider were deciding on a name for their ongoing collaborative musical venture, however, they simply went for The Patient. But, their first vinyl release under that name is a split single with Atlanta’s Breathers, so maybe some folks’ll be confused enough to think it’s all one band.

Actually, that’s unlikely. The Patient’s “Extension Nine” is a galloping psychedelic procession of fluttering eyelid puncture, complete with an arty breakdown interlude to remind everyone that Elephant 6 lives. Breathers’ “Colony of Taste,” on the other hand, is a sober pastiche of early ’80s synth-pop that won’t leave your head despite your best efforts. Chunklet and Third Uncle released the split 7” on Sept. 29th, so it’s probably way sold out since most of these things seem to come in pressings of 25 or 30 these days. But hey, there’s SoundCloud.