St. Beauty Blends Retro, Modern

Atlanta-based R&B duo St. Beauty bend pop’s rules while creating a world of their own on new EP Running to the Sun.

Their latest set of songs are eclectic enough to be interesting, without sounding too out of the ordinary for a broader audience. “Colors” and “Lucid Dreams” best capture the pair as talented vocalists with an ear for creative and catchy songs. At their best, the duo blends retro and modern sounds, showing their grasp of what makes both Stevie Wonder and Frank Ocean resonate with their fans.

Although they don’t go quite as far as musical and spiritual forerunners Sun Ra, Bootsy Collins and the like, Alex Belle and Isis Valentino’s EP artwork beckons back to the sort of visual presentations that make just getting on stage in your normal clothes seem anti-climactic.

St. Beauty are on their assumed musical and aesthetic inspiration Janelle Monae’s label, Wondaland Records.