The Aeronauts

James Stewart and Audrey Hepburn would’ve probably been Disney’s first picks to play mild meteorologist James Glaisher and daredevil pilot Amelia Wren in a Technicolor pic shot in Cinerama. Instead, we get Edward Redmayne and Felicity Jones in a fabulously old-fashioned throwback about a daring 1862 flight to reach new heights in a hot-air balloon.… Continue reading The Aeronauts


Featuring an A-list British cast with Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Felicity Jones (Doctor Who, Rogue One) and Nicholas Hoult (the Beast in the X-Men movies), this raw, visceral, high velocity actioner is far more up to speed than the John Wick or Bourne franchise flicks. After escaping a shady past, Casey (Hoult) meets Juliette (Jones)… Continue reading Collide