The Bats

Heading for the Foothills: The Bats are Finished Logging Tour Miles, but Aren’t Done Making Music We’ve all heard our fill of tales about how Zoom has overwhelmed our lives in recent months. I was recently reminded of its benefits, however, when I connected with frontman Robert Scott and bassist Paul Kean of New Zealand… Continue reading The Bats

The Courtneys

Great Sounds Great: The Courtneys Keep the Kiwi Poppin’ It’s no overstatement to say that Canadian indie rock trio The Courtneys have lived the dream since their second album, II, was released in February by New Zealand’s legendary Flying Nun Records. To put this band and label partnership in perspective, it’d be like a contemporary… Continue reading The Courtneys

The Chills – Kaleidoscope World

The Chills’ reputation as one of the landmark indie pop bands of the past 30 years is mostly well deserved. Nonetheless, it’s remarkable the extent to which that rep rests on the merits of the New Zealand band’s initial eight-song EP. Few artists have attained such stature without making a single top-shelf album. Many fans… Continue reading The Chills – Kaleidoscope World

Toy Love – Toy Love

Album cover Toy Love supplied for TimeOut.

Captured Tracks isn’t the first label to access the out-of-print archives of New Zealand’s Flying Nun label. In fact, Goner Records has already rifled through the same catalog, and came up with similar results: Both found a trove of forgotten Toy Love material. Goner, however, opted to release one of the embattled late-‘70s band’s final… Continue reading Toy Love – Toy Love