Swamp Dogg Gets Back to the Country

Our ol’ buddy Swamp Dogg is known primarily for his boisterous (and often humorous) psychedelic soul music, but as he tells it, “if you listen to my records before I start stacking shit on it, I’m country. I sound country.” He aims to prove as much on his new album, Sorry You Couldn’t Make It.… Continue reading Swamp Dogg Gets Back to the Country

King Tuff Struts His New Stuff

King Tuff

We’ve been big champions of King Tuff since we first heard that self-titled album some six years ago, and Black Moon Spell two years later was one of the best elpees of 2014. Since the touring cycle for that one subsided, Kyle Thomas seemingly sorta dropped outta sight for a few years. Well, we’re happy… Continue reading King Tuff Struts His New Stuff

Jenny Lewis

Storytelling vs. Sentimentalism: Jenny Lewis Isn’t Writing About Herself In true singer-songwriter fashion, Jenny Lewis is a storyteller. In fact, she’s an expertly convincing one. Despite having been a fan for more than a decade, I hadn’t realized that most of those tales aren’t based on Lewis’ own experiences. The bulk of what she’s penned… Continue reading Jenny Lewis