Atomic Blonde

This image released by Focus Features shows Charlize Theron, left, and Sofia Boutella in "Atomic Blonde." (Jonathan Prime/Focus Features via AP)

Let’s be clear from the start: I love Charlize Theron and I love this movie! Set in East Berlin before the fall of the wall, Lorraine (Theron) is an MI6 agent sent to retrieve a list of intelligence agents before it can reach Soviet hands. For her secondary mission, she’s to identify and eliminate a double agent… Continue reading Atomic Blonde

Kong: Skull Island

Everything Peter Jackson got so wrong has been corrected in this remade/reimagined/reinvented homage to the 1933 original film. Kong is never referred to as an anatomically correct “gorilla” (though he is called a monkey for comic relief); it’s firmly established he is a “god,” an elemental, a member of the ancients who once ruled the… Continue reading Kong: Skull Island

10 Cloverfield Lane

Contrary to the implications of its name, this is but a distant relative to JJ Abrams’ Cloverfield about a rampaging creature on the loose. After her near fatal car accident, a young woman named Michelle, played by the always engaging Mary Elizabeth Winstead, awakens to find herself shackled to a wall, her wounds dressed while being… Continue reading 10 Cloverfield Lane