John Wesley Harding – Greatest Other People’s Hits

Nearly everything one first learns about John Wesley Harding suggests the man in a smart-aleck. A folky troubadour transplanted long ago from Hastings, England to the U.S., the man born Wesley Stace adopted a stage name taken from one of Bob Dylan’s most celebrated releases. (Some years ago he also released an album that waggishly… Continue reading John Wesley Harding – Greatest Other People’s Hits

Steve Wynn’s Rhino Albums Redux

Steve Wynn’s first two solo albums, recorded and originally released in the early 1990s by Rhino Records’ short-lived R.N.A. division, are being reissued in expanded editions on April 27th, courtesy of the discerning musicologists at Omnivore Recordings. 1990’s Kerosene Man firmly established Wynn as a solo artist more than able to equal and expand beyond… Continue reading Steve Wynn’s Rhino Albums Redux

Eleanor Friedberger

Eleanor Friedberger’s Not-So-Personal Record: The Once (and Future?) Fiery Furnace Reaches Outside the Family to Collaborate on a Great Solo Album The last time Eleanor Friedberger passed through Atlanta as a solo act she was providing musical grounding for the Portlandia tour, Fred Armisen’s and Carrie Brownstein’s night of (mostly) sketch comedy.  This wasn’t such… Continue reading Eleanor Friedberger

Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record

For a magical moment in the mid-aughts, the Fiery Furnaces were the greatest band in the world. Circa Blueberry Boat and the singles/EPs that straddled it, the Friedberger siblings were on a creative bender – churning out genre-defying guitar and piano-driven epics, then spinning them into “James Brown Revue” non-stop live sets paying virtually no… Continue reading Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record

Kelly Hogan

Hogan Here When I call Kelly Hogan one recent afternoon, she’s sitting in her old car, Marge, staking out the Piggly Wiggly parking lot near her house in Wisconsin. “I’m gonna go in and buy some jalapeños,” Hogan says. “But I like to sit in the parking lot and see what people buy. Lots of… Continue reading Kelly Hogan