Small Reactions – RXN_002

Small Reactions willingly embrace the “nerve pop” tag, a descriptor cribbed from the Atlanta quartet’s 2011 single. And why not? It’s a fitting statement of intent given Small Reactions’ edgy, off-kilter yet approachable melodies. Since 2014’s Similar Phantoms, Ross Politi has replaced Sam Jacobsen in Small Reactions’ lineup. The absence of Jacobsen’s full-time organist role… Continue reading Small Reactions – RXN_002

The Bongos – Phantom Train

As he tells the story, Richard Barone first met RuPaul around 1985 in New York City. The lead singer for The Bongos had already been told about RuPaul – who, back then, was a young man rollerskating around in a mohawk. In fact, a writer at Rolling Stone had told Barone that RuPaul should cover… Continue reading The Bongos – Phantom Train