The first minutes of Irresistible tell us the setting is “Rural America,” followed by “Heartland, USA.” One more intrusive line of text would establish the overkill as a joke. The opening credits might also have noted how the role of Deerlaken, Wisconsin is played by Rockmart, Georgia. Unfortunately, beloved writer/director Jon Stewart never becomes that acidic or… Continue reading Irresistible

June Georgia-Filmed Release/Premiere Dates


Greenleaf’s fifth and final season premieres June 23, 9 p.m. ET on OWN. Meanwhile, a spinoff of the megachurch drama is in development… Season two of Doom Patrol will premiere June 25 on both DC Universe and HBO Max… The Jon Stewart-directed political comedy Irresistible, starring Steve Carell, is skipping theaters and will premiere on… Continue reading June Georgia-Filmed Release/Premiere Dates

Georgia Proves Irresistible for Stewart, Carell

Smug, unfunny dimwit Jon Stewart will be directing Steve Carell in the political satire film Irresistible, shooting in Georgia from April 22 through the end of May. Rose Byrne is also said to be starring in the story of a race for mayor between a slick Democrat and the incumbent Republican in a small, right-wing… Continue reading Georgia Proves Irresistible for Stewart, Carell

Welcome to Marwen

The latest Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Forest Gump, Castaway)-penned/directed feature isn’t like most mainstream movies out there currently. It’s odd, it’s tense, it’s hard to watch at times, but at least it’s somewhat original. It’s based on the extremely interesting 2010 documentary Marwencol, which tells the story of Mark… Continue reading Welcome to Marwen


The fact that Vice is Golden Globe nominated for Best Picture is a tad ridiculous (even though the bar is quite lowered this year – Black Panther is nominated too). While it’s quite watchable and enjoyable, it won’t make AFI’s/IMDb’s Top 100 ever. But having said that, the acting performances from Christian Bale and Amy… Continue reading Vice

Despicable Me 3

A franchise centered around Minions, the most loveable millennial animated characters this side of the Penguins of Madagascar, finds former villain Gru (Steve Carell), teaming with a twin brother(“Dru”) he did not know he had, after he and the wife (Kristen Wiig) get fired as secret agents. The Minions get arrested and spend much of their… Continue reading Despicable Me 3

Cafe Society

A Woody Allen (eyes rolling back in my head) period piece where boy meets girl who already has a boyfriend but can’t make up her mind. At this point the ONLY reason to see another Woody Allen film is for his impeccable casting which this time features two amazing performances from Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively… Continue reading Cafe Society