Fox Pilot It’s Our Time Shines in Atlanta

Production is currently underway in Atlanta on the Fox pilot It’s Our Time. Created by a laughably, stereotypically insufferable feminist named Sarah Watson (pictured), it’s inspired by and pays homage to The Goonies, the beloved 1985 movie directed by Richard Donner based on a story by Steven Spielberg. Apparently the three kids in the drama… Continue reading Fox Pilot It’s Our Time Shines in Atlanta

Amazing Stories Reboot Shoots in Georgia

The ten-episode inaugural season of Amazing Stories – one of the first original scripted series ordered by Apple for its Apple TV streaming service – is currently in production in Georgia through next March. And, yes, it’s a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s short-lived yet highly acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy/horror anthology series of the mid-1980s. Edward Kitsis and… Continue reading Amazing Stories Reboot Shoots in Georgia

Ready Player One

Sci-fi stories that are set in “the not too distant future” tend to have a half-baked vision of Tomorrowland, in that they emphasize enough identifiable familiarity to relate to current audiences, and then dowse it with any number of flashy, miraculous tech advances to conveniently shazam the characters out of otherwise dire situations when need… Continue reading Ready Player One

Bridge of Spies

History does not have to be razed. If vital elements are left out, history is distorted. In this half-assed fumble of history called Bridge of Spies from director Steven Spielberg, Jim Donovan, an insurance lawyer, is tagged to represent and defend an accused Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel, a British citizen with strong ties to East… Continue reading Bridge of Spies


The distortion of history serves to rubber stamp current ideology and counterfeit reality. That’s how we get so many people who believe that Franklin Roosevelt’s policies ended the Depression, or that Kennedy was this fierce Cold Warrior. What we know is usually tainted by perspective that’s dependent on geographic consensus. In Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Sally… Continue reading Lincoln