A Quiet Place

It’s a couple years from now and the Earth has been infested with a swarm of blind, butt-ugly, lightning-quick monsters that hunt prey with their super-sensitive hearing – clearly all Trump’s fault. Amidst a scattering of remote survivors (indicated by nighttime fire signals), a farm family that never snores treads barefoot on trails of poured… Continue reading A Quiet Place

13 Cameras

Not since Angus Scrimm have I seen a more naturally menacing actor than Neville Archambault who plays the lumbering, sweaty landlord in this Hammer-erotic, voyeuristic thriller that was originally titled Slumlord. Under the scrutiny of a disgusting landlord who has installed cameras to monitor their every move, I’m reminded of Lady In a Cage where… Continue reading 13 Cameras


Carried out behind closed doors in the confined interiors of an enclosed space, the locked room mystery remains the toughest crime fiction to pull off. Once suicide is ruled out, the question remains: how did the victim expire? Most locked room mysteries are low-key deduction psychological whodunnits that concentrate on claustrophobic conditions and shabby circumstances,… Continue reading Non-Stop


In director Denis Villeneuve’s suspense thriller Prisoners, everyone is guilty of something. When two little girls go missing on Thanksgiving, a frantic search turns up a suspect whose RV was seen parked in the middle class neighborhood. Taken into custody only to be released without being charged, it sets in motion a kidnapping film that… Continue reading Prisoners