Ready Steady Go!

Ready Steady Go! The Weekend Starts Here By Andy Neill [BMG Books] The household name typically attached to British music television is Top of the Pops. While that long-running BBC program certainly cast a long shadow, it was actually predated by a scrappy upstart that set the tone and remains a pop culture touchstone for… Continue reading Ready Steady Go!

Peter Laughner – Peter Laughner

Ain’t it fun when you’re gonna die young? Tragedy has always been an integral component of the rock ‘n’ roll equation, having experienced its share of unsavory ODs and twisted collisions and hapless chaps simply boarding the wrong charter flight. It’s a magnet for gifted fuckups, and its history is littered with them. Peter Laughner,… Continue reading Peter Laughner – Peter Laughner

Everything is Combustible

Everything is Combustible: Television, CBGB’s and Five Decades of Rock and Roll By Richard Lloyd [Beech Hill Publishing] The rock band is a multi-celled organism that usually has more than one nucleus. Yeah, every band has a certain someone who stands in the middle and reaps the bulk of the adoration and filthy lucre. But… Continue reading Everything is Combustible

Even Blank Generations Age

Blank Generation, the iconic and influential 1977 debut album from Richard Hell & the Voidoids, is getting a fancy-pants upgrade for its 40th anniversary, albeit a limited-edition one for the 9,000 or so people that have heard of it. The 2-LP (4,500 copies) and 2-CD (5,250 copies) deluxe edition, both to be released Nov. 24th… Continue reading Even Blank Generations Age

Matthew Sweet

Tomorrow Forever Knows: The Future Comes to Pass for Matthew Sweet Matthew Sweet started out making music in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. Moving to Athens for college, he fell in with the vibrant music scene there, playing with Oh-OK and The Buzz of Delight. After scoring a record deal with Columbia (and then with… Continue reading Matthew Sweet

The Waitresses

Waitresses Unwrapped! Guitarist & Songwriter Chris Butler Dishes on the Band’s Origins, Heyday, Downfall and Legacy Though they only truly existed a few brief years, recording two albums, an EP and a scattering of singles before disintegrating, I’ve always considered the Waitresses one of the great bands of the early new wave era. They had… Continue reading The Waitresses

Tommy Keene – Excitement at Your Feet

Is it possible for an album to sound both totally illogical and perfectly natural? If so, Tommy Keene has threaded that needle. Without ever generating a signature song (1984’s “Places That Are Gone” probably comes closest) or a radio staple, through perseverance and chops Keene has established himself as arguably the standard-bearer for American power… Continue reading Tommy Keene – Excitement at Your Feet

Rocket from the Tombs – Barfly

Dead at 27, in 1977, Cleveland rock musician and junkie alcoholic Peter Laughner casts a giant shadow on punk and alternative music. One of the most important pioneers of the 1974-1977 punk era who did not hail from New York, Laughner had his fingers in everything that mattered in Cleveland. His legend – except for… Continue reading Rocket from the Tombs – Barfly