The Doors’ Morrison Hotel Adds Another Level

Originally released in February 1970, Morrison Hotel is unquestionably one of The Doors top albums, holding up as a powerful, gritty and even tender rock ‘n’ roll classic to this day. Thirteen years ago, along with the rest of the band’s studio albums, it was reissued in a single-CD expanded edition, with “40th Anniversary” remixes… Continue reading The Doors’ Morrison Hotel Adds Another Level

Atlanta International Pop Festival 1969, Part 1

Changing Perceptions: Six Weeks Before Woodstock, the First Atlanta International Pop Festival Brought a Similar (and Some Might Say Better) Experience to Georgia. Bobby Moore Tracks Down Participants for a Fond Look Back During his speech at the Tabernacle’s Jan. 9, 2016 memorial service for longtime business partner Alex Cooley, Atlanta-based concert promoter Peter Conlon… Continue reading Atlanta International Pop Festival 1969, Part 1

Danny Fields

Shine a Light: Danny Fields Was THERE, Man. He is, in the eyes of no less a glam-rock superfan than John Cameron Mitchell, the “handmaiden to the gods.” He played important roles in the careers of The Doors, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, The MC5, Nico and The Ramones, whom he managed for their four greatest… Continue reading Danny Fields

Eve’s Hollywood

Eve’s Hollywood By Eve Babitz [New York Review Books] “I wouldn’t raise my kid in Hollywood.” – Eve Babitz Eve Babitz is a 20th century fox, a ’60s “it girl,” the West Coast yang to Edie Sedgwick’s East Coast yin. Yes, both of these ladies dallied with scads of famous men, took a lot of drugs… Continue reading Eve’s Hollywood

The Doors – Live in Vancouver 1970

By the time The Doors played this show in June 1970, the band was on a brief rebound after their infamous chaotic Miami concert and subsequent cancelled gigs. Miami could also be seen as a symbolic heave-ho to their lighter, more pop-oriented material, which had come to dominate the uneven, uninspired Soft Parade album in… Continue reading The Doors – Live in Vancouver 1970