New Blues Comp Includes Rare Old Georgia Tracks

Wienerworld sounds like the name of a dystopian theme park devoted to the meat products of the Oscar Mayer company, but it’s actually a U.K.-based independent music company founded in 1981. Their catalog consists mainly of music DVD releases (along with, curiously, a lot of conspiracy theory/alien visitation documentaries), but they’ve released a bunch of… Continue reading New Blues Comp Includes Rare Old Georgia Tracks

Martha Spencer – Martha Spencer

From her work with her kinfolks’ Whitetop Mountain Band to her more recent collaborations with Lillie Mae’s brother Frank Rische, Martha Spencer always sings the songs of her Blue Ridge Mountain home. While Appalachian string band music gives Spencer’s new solo outing heart, the project’s ageless soul traces Southern music from the commercialization of old… Continue reading Martha Spencer – Martha Spencer

Windhand – Eternal Return

Since its current lineup formed in 2013, Windhand has consistently cranked out awesome doom/stoner metal albums helmed by spell-binding storyteller Dorthia Cottrell, guitar slinger Garrett Morris, bassist and Cough vocalist Parker Chandler, and the glue holding it all together – former Facedowninshit drummer Ryan Wolfe. It’s easy to mostly focus on Cottrell’s vocal talents, especially… Continue reading Windhand – Eternal Return

Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)

For his 2015 Matador Records coming out party, Will Toledo updated the quasi-greatest hits from Car Seat Headrest’s self-released catalog and packaged them as Teens of Style. Missing from this collection were any tracks from Twin Fantasy, his 2011 opus that many longtime fans consider his masterwork. It took a few more years to understand… Continue reading Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)

Windhand/Satan’s Satyrs – Split

Doom metal masters Windhand continue their reign of terror with this split 12-inch record with fellow Virginians Satan’s Satyrs. If you give this record a spin based on Windhand’s well-earned reputation, be prepared to be blown away by their split mate’s stab at keeping traditional rock ‘n’ roll alive. Lovers of all sorts of rock… Continue reading Windhand/Satan’s Satyrs – Split

Lucy Dacus – Historian

Um, wow. Not that making a great debut album is easy, but an artist’s sophomore outing has long been the notoriously tricky proposition, given its heightened expectations and compressed timeframe. Richmond’s Lucy Dacus handily cleared the first hurdle with 2016’s No Burden, a low-stakes affair recorded over two days with a newly convened band and… Continue reading Lucy Dacus – Historian

New Lucy Dacus, Car Seat Headrest On Tap

The artists behind two of 2016’s best albums – both of whom cut their teeth in Richmond, Virginia and are now aligned with Matador Records – are poised to get 2018 off to an indie-tastic start. First up is Car Seat Headrest, whose magnum opus (so far) Teens of Denial was 2016’s finest hour and… Continue reading New Lucy Dacus, Car Seat Headrest On Tap

Car Seat Headrest

He Really Gets You: Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo is the Voice of an Effed Up Generation “Bloggers– If you want to link to my music, please don’t use the first four albums because they’re not very good.” –Will Toledo, in a since-deleted Bandcamp message “But while you’re there, be sure to listen to the… Continue reading Car Seat Headrest

A Place to Bury Strangers

Minimum-Maximum: Going Deaf by Audio with A Place to Bury Strangers To this day, the loudest concert I’ve ever experienced was My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr at the Masquerade in February 1992. It was the sort of overwhelming, unrelenting volume that felt like it was rearranging my inner organs into a new configuration. You… Continue reading A Place to Bury Strangers

Swamp Dogg, Part 1

“They’ve Come to Get Me from the Lost and Found” Swamp Dogg: Not Just Another Motherfucker Another noontime morning packed into the van. Hacking up, onto the back of the bench seat, all of last night’s cigarettes. Fumbling to get another one lit. Start it again. It is early fall. And early fall loves Athens.… Continue reading Swamp Dogg, Part 1

Swamp Dogg, Part 2

“I worked in a pharmacy called Washington Pharmacy, and I was a delivery boy. A lot of times, I worked behind the counter. They would make the black women customers wait there at one table sitting in the back. The black men had to wait out in the hallway to wait on their shit. If… Continue reading Swamp Dogg, Part 2

Swamp Dogg, Part 3

“So I ended up working at a car lot. And my job was to be there every morning at 4:30, and to wipe the dew off the cars so they would shine. He called himself the biggest car dealer in Miami. I think he might have been bigger than he said he was. I’ve never… Continue reading Swamp Dogg, Part 3

Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Style

It feels like ages since an album like this has burst onto the scene, even if it’s probably only been about a year and a half. Introverted indie white boy retreats to his bedroom (or if this press kit is to be believed, the family car) to sort through his quarter-life crisis, and in the… Continue reading Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Style